Good websites can be very simple

The most important tool for designing a good church website is pencil and paper. Draw out what you think will work before you go to the screen, and ask someone else if the design makes sense. Make them try it out. Change or remove what doesn’t work. In my experience, remove first, and change only if you have the skills.

Craig Whose-Surname’s-the-Same-As-My-Maternal-Grandmother’s often comments here; formerly a capitol-U Universalist, he and his partner are with the (Wiburite, Conservative, Plain) Quakers. A good choice, I think. The Yearly Meeting of which his Monthly Meeting’s a member has a very plain (naturally) website, but quite effective. And not without a sense of humor: the icon that pops up in the browser address bar is a plain Friend’s hat.
See the North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative).

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