Blackpool, viva indeed!

Well, I didn’t blog last night because I was watching episodes three to six of the six-part 2004 BBC production Viva Blackpool on DVD. (UK title: Blackpool) Best TV I’ve seen in ages.

A “naturalistic” musical using pop tunes. Sorta. Twin Peaks meets Britain’s answer to Atlantic City. Sorta. A bit of a romance/murder-who-dun-it. Definately, but not overplayed.

Official BBC America site

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  1. I am interested in purchasing any Blackpool or Viva Blackpool DVD’s….have been unable to find any anywhere……any information would be much appreciated…

  2. Netflix has it. So does, but you’d need a multi-region DVD. We have one, not as expensive as you’d think or rare. Our local CVS (drug store) has them.

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