Testing CivicSpace on development subdomain

I’m trying out CivicSpace (official site link) (Wikipedia link) — the heir of the DeanSpace campaign software (Wikipedia link) and itself based on Drupal — at dev2.universalistchurch.net. I think it has a lot of opportunity for geographically dispersed tech-using constituencies, like most UUA independent affiliates. In the trade, it is a combo CMS and CRS: (web) content management system and customer/constituent relations software package. (CivicSpace calls it a community organizing platform: that works, too.)

What you don’t see is the back end manages data about members, including their family configurations and donations. It ain’t the Raiser’s Edge (for those who’ve worked in development) but that isn’t a bad thing, either. (And at least here “transgenered” is a gender option; the kind of thing that other software chokes on.)

Go over there — don’t expect too much and don’t volunteer for anything; I won’t get where you want. Sign in (or use another Drupal login) if you like.

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