Churches: prepare to jump from Microsoft

The “once and future” Microsoft Vista operating system — originally scheduled for 2003, now pushed back to 2007 — will cost acquirers a great deal of money in new software and hardware. Not so much an update but an overhaul: quite costly in cash, learning curve, and environmental impact. (Discarded electronics are quite toxic, and recycling options are poor.)

I agree with David Warnock that this might be the time for church administrators and ministers to go to Linux. Not only is it free of charge and uses older hardware effectively, but the model of freedom in open-source software development is appropriate for those who value access to the data. I do like not being beholden to a resource that has no real accountability to is users. Linux development values group ownership — in the way we mean ownership in covenant — and distributed contribution. (Plus, if you do inherit a higher powered machine from someone who does move to Vista, there’s an opportunity for your to upgrade, too.)
But why listen to me yammer on — the Rev. Mr. Warnock is far more cogent in his remarks.
The Church should be moving away from Windows in preparation for the late arrival of Windows Vista (March 22, 2006)

Does this interest anyone? Is any beginner interested in learning more?

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