"Celebrating Life" best for bookshelf

One of the things that baffles me is how there is no UUA or UUMA commended special services (aka pastoral offices) book. Perhaps the seminary custom of compiling one makes it a risky proposition.

In any case, one book has been invaluable with my non-church-going grandmother’s simple memorial and the wedding for the coolest couple in DC. (White chatting: “No, the double decker bus crashes into us.” Some of you will get that.)

Those in the UK should order it from Essex Hall, but those in the United States and Canada can order it through the UUA bookstore. In Day Job, I handle sending books to overseas professional bookshops (and from overseas publishers) and I have to say the UUA price is more than fair — not worth the trip to London; not even really worth the space in your luggage — and the delay is reasonable. Plus, it is your only option.

And it is . . .

Celebrating Life for sale at the UUA bookstore

2 Replies to “"Celebrating Life" best for bookshelf”

  1. I shall probably buy it at GA in a couple of weeks.
    A word of warning though: it never worked when I tried to order British books from the UUA bookstore when I was living in the States. I think it sort of gets lost in the system.

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