Treatise type-a-thon

Scant minutes after I left a comment at Dan Harper’s blog about how difficult it is to gather the troops to type out any Universalist document, and Hosea Ballou’s Treatise on Atonement in particular, he up and posted about how he was typing it out.

More power I say. I wasn’t keen on spearheading this project, but since Dan has done, I will help (and type). And since Dan will send you pages to type, there’s no excuse that you don’t have one of the old 1986 printing copies, now all gone.

And I think we can do it in much less than a year (as he projects) if we all pitch in.

Read “Ballou Online” at Yet Another Unitarian Universalist.

And here is the project.

5 Replies to “Treatise type-a-thon”

  1. Scott, All – You may consider a fund raising drive to gather enough capital to purchase “Omnipage”. Scanning each page would still be necessary, but it would be a lot less taxing than page by page typing for a year or more. Just a suggestion!

  2. And of course, for those who dont want to wait that long, Amazon (and most likely all the booksellers who sell new books) can get you a copy of the “print on demand” version of the Treatise….

    and yes, i voluntered to type too –
    – hopefully Dan can catch typoes……

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