Darfur needs food; shall we encourage one another?

I’m hard to upset, but the news about the upcoming halving of Darfur rations did it. If I put my mind to it, when trying to loose some flab, I can maybe eat 1500 to 1800 calories, knowing I have plenty to spare on the waistline.

WFP airdrop in Darfur, 2004The current Darfur ration is 2100 calories — to become 1050 calories next month — and you don’t get smoked salmon or cucumbers with that, but fortified mixed food, cereals, legumes, oil, sugar, and salt. The World Food Program(me) provides this food. The bad news comes from James Morris, the WFP’s head, as a way to hold some back for the summer, the hardest time.

Here’s an occasion where I’m proud to be an American: we’re the WPF’s main funder ($188 million), but the need is $746 million. So there’s a lot of need left, and we can give.

OK, here’s the ask. I’ll give a hundred dollars to the Friends of the World Food Program. Not only is this the gateway for US resident to this UN program, but it is a very efficient charity and (unlike others) won’t solicit-annoy away the donation you gave. (I chose the opt-in information emails.) They also don’t do usual left-right politics; it’s all about the food.

I could give more, and will give again, but here’s a time for people to encourage one another to give for the first time. If you can give more, do. (Not in the US? Follow the first link.)

Darfur food rations cut in half (BBC News)

Image source: Wikipedia link. Creative Commons BY-SA 1.0 license

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  1. Thanks for drawing attention to Darfur!!!

    I am in Europe and can’t attend the Darfur rallies across the U.S. on April 30th. Therefore I have organized an online rally for Darfur together with many other German Bloggers.

    I blog for the Atlantic Review, a press digest on transatlantic affairs edited by three German Fulbright Alumni.

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