A South Georgia church, uh, the further, colder one

Tristan da Cunha is a veritable metropolis next to South Georgia Island, which has no permenant residents but a museum and research station, yet more tourists, and countless penguins. The only settlement — if you can call it that — is Grytviken.

Church at Grytviken
It has a little church of Norwegian origins, and remarkably enough, witnessed its first wedding just a couple of months ago. The bride was named Georgia; her father visted the remote outpost years before. The church has at least once service a year: Christmas, which at least would be in austral summer!

News from South Georgia Island (includes stories about the wedding, a visit from the Falkland’s Catholic priest, and a concert in the church)

Image: Wikipedia. Released into public domain. See first two links above for source.

4 Replies to “A South Georgia church, uh, the further, colder one”

  1. Isolated in which sense? The church in the smallest/most remote outpost, or most removed from other Unitarian | Universalist churches? I’d lean to the group cropping up in Tierra del Fuego.

  2. most remote outpost… I am wondering whether the Faroe Islands or a community in the pacific exists…

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