If you're demonstrating, carry a sign you can read

I’ve gone off on illegible demonstration signs and General Assembly banners before (see the old article for other resource links) but reading the headline immigration story at UUA.org today reminds me how miserable the state of this essential democratic handicraft is. Scrawling a Sharpie on poster board doesn’t cut it. On the other hand, perhaps people are learning to dress for demonstrations again. Deo gratia!
So I’m pointing back to lessons Speedball has for download. Obviously it is to pimp their wares, but that’s fine. I used to go to that site quite a bit and it has been greatly improved. Read up on hand lettering — like those signs you used to see in grocery stores; am I showing my age? — and screen printing. Good PDF downloads of classic guides. Grab them.

Ya’ ain’t going to learn those skills watching HGTV.

Lessons from Speedball Arts Supply Company 

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  1. I grew up learning calligraphy from Speedball. I am delighted that you found these. (I can no longer really do calligraphy, but between actually learning penmanship and experimenting with calligraphy, I am part of that generation that practices the art of penmanship.)

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