Thursday is "Dump the Pump" Day; what about Sunday?

The American Public Transportation Association — in my neighborhood as it happens; y’all hiring? — are sponsoring National Dump the Pump Day on Thursday, June 8, as a means of promoting public transportation. They offer a few facts to encourage those who could use transit and do not. My favorite is

If Americans used public transportation for roughly ten percent of daily travel needs, the United States would reduce its dependence on imported oil from the Persian Gulf by more than 40 percent.

Hubby and I walk and use public transportation almost exclusively — or exclusively if you include the occasional cab and shared-car — and it has made a big, big difference in costs, the amount of exercise we get, and how much we appreciate our city. And it is good to use less petroleum than we might us. Please try it out. Consider it. That link takes you a search feature to find a transit provider in your area. (A direct link to a map based search feature.)
Of course, it would be good if churches promoted whatever transit options they have, both to do their part for energy conservation and to help with chronic churchly parking issues. (Not until I looked into this subject did I realize how demographically removed are Unitarian Universalist churches from urban life; indeed, they are the largely the apotheosis of the genteel suburbs. So I’m not too hopeful there are many transit accessable UU churches out there.)

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  1. Boycotting gas for a day, either a station, a company, or everything, doesn’t make a difference, ever. See, people fill up their gaas SOME time, so they get their money, and the government their taxes, either the days before, or the days after.

    Now… if you convinced people to not pump gas for a week, or a month… well.. THAT would say something.

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