Brent Smith starts blogging

The Rev. Dr. Brent Smith was my internship supervisor — what? eleven years ago — at All Souls Unitarian Church, Tulsa. And he’s started blogging, which is good because he’s a wonderful preacher and a sensitive writer. (And I reserve the right to disagree with him on many points of theology, ecclesiology especially.)

A Spiritual Walk Together

Blogging, once the domain of those of us born in the 60s (in my case, barely in the 60s) or later, I’ve noticed how more and more more-mature ministers — who would have been happy sharing their wisdom over drinks at General Assembly, or later on a mailing list — have found this remarkable medium. This remarkable medium, because it is public, that treats the laity with much more respect.

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  1. the dcurrent issue of AARP: The Magazine (and yes, that is a better name than Modern Maturity) states that only 5% of current bloggers are older than 50 – but that that is expected to grow….

    (and speaking of name change, I see that the Methodist related Zion’s Herald is to be revamped as Progressive Christian)

  2. I agree that the AARP name change is an improvement. I thought Modern Maturity sounded like the best place to find up-to-date denture adhesives. Of course, the new name suggests another endeavor: AAPR: The Musical

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