Perhaps we can claim him in the pamphlets

Yes, the Unitarian Universalists get confused for the grand-daddy of all mail-order churches, the Universal Life Church, formerly of Modesto, California. (I had my dog ordained.)

I have Bravo on, Queer Eye specifically. (I was channel surfing, saw a promo for a related web-only gay channel and didn’t cut away. Normally, I watch Queer Eye with a certain anxious repulsion. But it does make me look pretty butch by contrast.) They’re doing Las Vegas, some wedding. Talking about officiants and one of them said in their typical emasculated coyness that Carson could “do it.” On cue, he proped himself on a bar and quipped, verbatim,

I was ordained by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Modesto, California!

I nearly swallowed my tongue. PeaceBang, sic’ em.

Later. OMG. He did the wedding for real.

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  1. I saw this too. I balked. I did appreciate the long pause the way he would say it: “the Universalist [PAUSE] Unitarian Church of Modesto, California”…even he knew there was something not quite right about it. But I’m glad you mentioned this. Others need to be aware of it–it isn’t cute. In the eyes of the populace, it makes UU ministers look like they have frivolous credentials, which they assuredly do not.

  2. I checked with the state of California about this place and with the IRS, Both of which state it is a legitimate church. This gives them the ability to perform legal and binding marriages.

    I’ll admit I did sign up with the group just to see how they went about it, but I would have done such a blasphemous act as ordaining your dog. They do nothing but try to help, what is wrong with that?

    The place is made to look crazy because some people will take and pervert good ideas into something ugly from inside of them. Do you burn churches also? I’m sorry, I’m saying angry things, but I get angry when evil people do mean things to those who “might” be trying something new and at the same time, help those who need it. Would I perform a marriage for someone who can’t afford a reverend who charges and I don’t, yes. Would I stay with a person who is about to die (man, woman or child doesn’t matter, nor does their faith) and give them any comfort that I can provide? Yes. Did the Universal Life Church in Modesto make that a little more important for those people? Yes, because they now have a reverend to be with or who went to them.

  3. Chill out Modesto. Blasphemy? Church burning? Evil? Bosh. The ULC’s founder openly recognized ordained animals. The whole thing was kooky from day one; something that wasn’t what you’d call a secret. Do your homework.

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