Pittsburgh GA?

My head’s not all back from my Day Job Convention — where I ran the Day Job Association Bookstore — but what I saw in Pittsburgh might be of interest to some Unitarian Universalists. The new convention center is the only one to have the LEED Gold rating as a green building. They make great use of passive solar — making the exhibit hall pleasantly bright — and recycled water for toilets. Cardboard, the leaf-litter of exhibiting, is recycled. The paint and carpeting is low-volatiles, and the air seemed fresh. Great views from the convention center. Funky post-industrial and ethnic neighborhoods conveniently ring downtown. The dining is cheap. Lots of great views, a top-notch airport and rail connections.

It is not, however, “first tier” which is a good thing.

How about Pittsburgh for General Assembly some day?

3 Replies to “Pittsburgh GA?”

  1. Sounds good.

    Having good food nearby is the mark of good GA spot. I think the planning committee needs to go out for dinner by walking from the site, and ask if we put 3000 people out of plenary at 1 PM what will this joint look like.

    As for passive solar, it is good. Not as good as a California beach, and tents, but we have too many dress up affairs at GA for camping out.

  2. A planning committee would have to go when another convention is in town. It seems that many of the downtown restaurants — which normally serve the lunch trade — only open for dinner when needed. They run from the functional to tres-swank. I think the convention and visitors people coordinate that. Of course, I’m also projecting out a few years’ development, too.

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