I just bought and will be slowly transitioning this site to that domain, mirrored here.

July 5. Step one. points to the blog, but doesn’t point to individual posts.

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  1. Do you have a plan (that you’re prepared to reveal 🙂 for once your blog is moved offsite?

  2. Well, first, I want the blog to have its own identity. Next, I used to have a large collection of Universalist documents nicely arranged on They’ll come back. I have one church site hosted here, but want to open it up to other Universalist Christian churches.

  3. When I moved my blog from to (so I could use the former for professional stuff), all I did was install the WordPress software on the new site and point it to the existing SQL database. If you’re using the same server for both domains, that would do the trick in one-fell swoop.

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