Madeira for communion?

I opened a bottle of Madeira wine (producer website) last night, and wanted to know more about it so resorted to Wikipedia where I read this tantilizing fact:

Exposure to extreme temperature and oxygen [in production] accounts for its stability; an opened bottle of Madeira will survive unharmed for a considerable time, up to a year. (Link)

So why aren’t the non-Welch’s churches using Madeira wine for communion? The Lord knows I’ve piously ingested enough California port and Manischewitz Concord half gone to vinegar in my time. (I’ve attended a lot of small churches.) Is this the best we Christians can do?

Do you have tips, ideas and questions about wine selection and care in liturgy? (And don’t get me started about freezer-burned bread. That’s for later.)

July 14. I found a fun and informative article on the history and production of made-for-purpose communion wine. Link.

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