Voting representation for the Last Colony

To remind y’all, the half-million US citizens of the District of Columbia have no voting representation in Congress and have to step very carefully in our own political processes because the Congress can swoop down and kill any laws we pass for ourselves. (Which is why it took ten years to get the 1992 domestic partnerships law activiated and why medical marijuana is not legal here, despite a successful referendum.) That offensive Senator Brownback of Kansas also wants us to be his flat-tax guinea pigs (Google cache of Kansas City Star story), something he surely couldn’t get passed for Kansas.

Remember us, my fellow Americans, when you contact your congressional delegations in support of the DC Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act. UUA support of it — dating to 1970 — is overshadowed by the story of the renewal of the Voting Rights Act, so look below the lede. (

Stentor Danielson, writing at debitage, addresses DC voting rights and topples some of the reasons against DC voting representation — many of which frame the Founders’ intent as some kind of divine dictum against the people of the District.

DC Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act (H. R. 5388) information page at DC Vote

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