Unfair wage

I’m home sick, with a cold. But even if I had felt fit the news about the House vote on the minimum wage would have brought me low. After all, nine years without an increase has let inflation erode the minimum wage to shocking levels. $5.15 today had the buying power of less than $4 when the last increase took place.

I’m speechless. Thanks to Jeremy Burton for bringing this out.
House Approves Wage Cuts for Service Workers (jspot.org)

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  1. The provision for tipped workers is particularly insidious. Already tipped workers are paid less than minimum wage, and this would reduce their base pay even further.

    Tipping is a hideous prospect when one needs to provide for basic needs, but you are increasingly dependent on the capricious whims of those who tip. And I know from experience that hard work as a waiter does not reliably earn you a tip. People will tell you the service was great, and then send a mere 10% your way. Then you still need to tip out to the busser, and possibly to the bartender if the order included wine or mixed drinks. And soon your 10% becomes even lower.

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