Where new UCC churches meet

I was looking through UCC.org congregation listings to get a lay of the land, like I have at UUA.org. Only there are six times as many congregations! Anything for my readers. And to feed my mania.

I noticed where new starts meet. File this article away, ye new church starters.

  • shopping mall community room
  • nested in another UCC’s church (congregations ethnically distinct from each other)
  • schools, including private and Montessori
  • recreation center at an RV park
  • church of another denomination, including parish hall
  • retirement village chapel
  • firehouse meeting room
  • shopping center storefronts
  • coffee shop (when otherwise closed it seems)
  • rented space in a business park

Feel free to add other locations — realized ones, not hypothetical possibilities, please — in the comments.

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