HRC starts preaching, Bible resource

The Human Rights Campaign — the largest US lesbian, bi, trans and gay organization for civil rights; headquartered in my neighborhood, by the way — has started up a Revised Common lectionary-based resource, as reported by the United Church of Christ News (link):

The Human Rights Campaign has launched a weekly online preaching resource to provide insights into the Bible from a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and straight-supportive perspective.

“Out in Scripture” is being touted as the first and only major online preaching resource devoted to helping clergy with planning gay-affirming sermons and spiritual discussion groups. The website’s developers say they hope it will prove valuable in building welcoming and inclusive congregations.

An interesting strategy, seeing as GLBT rights — GLBT well-being, really — is so often assaulted from pulpits without much critical resolve about how contorted, culture-biased or hypocrital the theology behind it is. Pro-GLBT secularists are more likely than not to make a “Christian=antigay” calculation, and where does that put Christian and other faithful persons who can see a healthy and responsible way for GLBT persons within their faith. (Note there are parallels with Christianity and ecology as perceived “enemies” too.)

I’ve signed up to get mailings about it. WIll keep you posted.

That link again: Out in Scripture (HRC) link fixed

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  1. I like it.
    If you get a chance check out Tom Bandy’s new book on The UnCommon Lectionary, geared around secular holidays and seeker-sensitive (shuddering) but makes some good points. Maybe a way for Christian preachers in non-Christian churches to incorporate scripture, into their preparation if not the worship.

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