Greenbelt aftermath

My favorite British bloggers all went to Greenbelt, the famous “youth festival, music festival, political festival, evangelical festival, development festival, broke festival, harvest festival” this year held in Cheltenham. It seems to be a part of the background radiation for Christians in the UK, but almost completely unknown here.

I wish we in the United States had something like this. When I hear Greenbelt, I think of the northern terminal of the Green Metro line and the WPA-era planned-paradise town (everything’s a co-op) in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.
Some postings to catch you up, alphabetical by blog name:

David Warnock, 42:

Andii Bowsher, Nouslife

Stephen Lingwood, Reignite

  • I could have sworn I read that he was going to Greenbelt, so I will leave this here as a place marker. Stephen?

Greenbelt official site

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  1. Oh, Stephen, I was just looking for the article in which you said you would be going to Greenbelt. But glad to hear you’ll be writing about it.

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