Daily prayer among the UK Unitarian Christians

Matt (Renewed Hope) has noted the Unitarian Christian Association (UK) has a new website at http://www.unitarianchristian.org.uk/

Interestingly, their Autumn Synod (what’s that about I wonder) later this month features the Rev. Andrew Brown presenting A Pattern of Daily Prayer, just published by the UCA. How interesting, though I’m not sure who wrote it or how someone might buy it.

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  1. I am somewhat out of the loop when it comes to UCA matters, although I am still in contact with a few members including one of the new leadership team. As far as I know, they held a theological symposium / special meeting early summer time, in which they discussed, remodelled and re-affirmed their Liberal Christian principles. At the time, I think they also decided upon an annual synod.

    A few years back now, there was a bit of a dispute over the direction of the UCA and questioning of the ‘old order’ which had ran the association since its formation – since then there has been quite significant reform and it would seem the UCA – whilst remaining within the broader Unitarian sphere – is becoming a little more assertive, independent and pro-active.

    From what I know, the papers from the symposium will be published on their site in the near future – the recent issues of The Herald also had a number of articles reporting / reflecting on the debates being had within the association – these are also going to be put on the site (again, from what little I know).

    As for the ‘A Pattern of Daily Prayer’, I don’t know anything about this but assume copies – if not placed on the web – will be available from Rev Andrew Brown (his email address is on the new site).

  2. What a shame that this is on the same day as the autumn conference of the Centre for Radical Christianity in Sheffield (http://www.stmarkscrc.co.uk/) that I’m going to.

    Is this reflective of Unitarian Christians (or those connected with the UCA) being out of touch of wider liberal/radical Christianity??

  3. That is a good question. I think historically the UCA, and the broader sphere of Unitarianism, has not kept in touch with liberal/radical Christian thought from outside of their denomination. I often got the impression at UCA meetings that theological debate ended with Alfred Hall – although I think the new leadership are changing this…

    Certainly St Marks is well known amongst Progressive Christian circles – and strangely located near St Thomas’s Church which is also quite significant in that is an emergent-style church with the largest congregations in the region – I am often amazed that these two distinct churches are so close – but it’s probably (at least partly) down to the fact they are both located in areas with a high percentage of students / young professionals.

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