Episcopalian ministry in DC park focuses on worship, PB&J

I was walking from my apartment to the public library when, passing Franklin Square, I saw a familiar-looking clergywoman behind a card table with a sign that read “Street Church. Tuesday 1:00 p.m.” You know that piqued my interest. And it was nearly one o’clock.

I detoured to get a closer look I even tried to take a picture — I thought since I was out I might as well get some photos for the blog so had my camera — but the batteries were dead. And it was cold and I was in shirtsleeves, so thought I would try and get more information and perhaps go back next week.

Turns out the clergywoman, the Rev. Anne-Marie Jeffrey, was the deacon — since priested I gather — at Hubby’s parish and has made a ministry with homeless persons and others there. Communion and sandwiches are the focus. (A former city school at the edge of the square is a shelter.) Read more in the national and diocean press (with photos) here and here.

An interesting ministry.

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