Send me your paper church administration forms

As I mentioned before, I think that a better use of time for churchly open-source software users than specialized Linux distros is making templates that open-source software, like, can use.

But I have a hard time getting my head around what kind and range of information a small church need to gather, and which forms are essential. There are a lot of denominations and communions out there.

Paper forms — either PDFs or real copies — would be helpful. Can you send me those your church or temple uses? Please email me at blog at if you have something you want to send me. Thanks.

2 Replies to “Send me your paper church administration forms”

  1. what kind of admin papers? What do you mean? I don’t know the first thing about that stuff…Should I? You mean like pledge cards and membership cards and electronic payment options or payroll forms? Or rental forms? Or am I just completely off the mark…roger

  2. I was thinking more pledge, membership, church school sign up, change of address — that sort of thing. But the financial forms (which are probably more uniform) are on the right track, too.

    Anything that has information that must be collected, processed and retrieved.

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