To Revival (and bringing Ubuntu discs)

The Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship Revival is underway in NYC. I’ll be taking a bus at 2:00 a.m. to participate in the Saturday and Sunday sessions. PeaceBang, Philo, Adam, Ron and to ye non-blogging friends — I’m coming!

I’ll also be bringing discs with the Ubuntu Linux operating system (the stable, long-supported 6.06 release, which is better for newcomers.) These have three uses: to try it out live on top of another operating system without a permanent installation, to install it if you want it, and to pull (for Windows; like this) some open-source software if you’re not ready to come over. If you’re there, just ask. If I have some left, I’ll note it here and will mail them to anyone in the world — first come, first served.

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