Free top-notch religion lectures in DC

PeaceBang is all about the boots a certain religion academic will be wearing for the American Academy of Religion/Society for Biblical Literature meeting here in Washington this week.

I had all but forgotten about that meeting, even though it will be within walking distance of Chez BitB. And — Gott im Himmel! — several important sections will be free and open to the public. See you there.
The list. 

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  1. I went to the AAR/SBL meeting in Boston in I think 1999. Took in some Bonhoeffer Society lectures. But when I walked into the book room, it was something like heaven. I had no money, so I bought one book on the writings of spirtual giants across time and culture. Bliss. Then, at the end of my time there, I went to King’s Chapel for the first time.

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