"Jesus wept" is not a health-care plan

UCC blogger, the Rev. Kirk Moore (Kirkogitation) describes a Christian health plan (insofar as it only includes Christians) that introduces a kind of moralistic micro-managing that defies the notion of care. I don’t have a problem, per se, of Christians applying the “hold all things in common” injunction in medical matters — I do, after all, approve of parish nursing and clinics, church credit unions and mutual associations; also, many of the core ideas we have of hospital care are built on Christian foundations — but this program looks worse than insurance (which it isn’t, despite the considerable monthly costs) because of how it careful exempts itself from regulation. Christian freedom is fine, until having helped other pay their bills you find yourself excluded from any number of legitimate medical expenses.

The US health care system is too broken for Christians to opt-out in a “faithful remnant” scenario.

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