Linux look: Guadalinex

Before readers think this is turning into a Linux blog, let me say I wanted to look at some of the other Linux distributions from Spain, following Jaume’s comments in the last entry.

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Guadalinex (Wikipedia link) I think, was the first Spanish regional Linux distribution and there are several specialized versions of it: for senior day centers, public computing centers, libraries, and one for old machines. It used to be based on that warhorse Debian, but has since been based on Ubuntu, which is itself based on Debian. (The difference between Debian and Ubuntu, to oversimplify, is that there’s a company and foundation behind Ubuntu, Ubuntu releases new versions on a regular basis while Debian waits for everything to be rock-solid and very old, and Ubuntu is more open to proprietary elements than Debian, which is its own controversy.)

Guadalinex desktop 1

Guadalinex desktop 2

A shame then that it is ugly — apart from the default page in Firefox; image 1 above — and lacks that really clever control panel that Molinux added. I didn’t think there were any clever default software selections, but that it seems slightly more focused on media than Molinux. Since there is no regional language interest, I would be hard pressed to pick the publicly distributed version Guadalinex over Molinux unless you lived in Andalucia and just wanted something identical to what you might use in public.

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