Treasure-trove of Universalist texts at Google, listed

Those who enjoy Google Books know that you can read the whole text of books that have fallen into the public domain, scanned from some of the world’s leading libraries, and can download many of these in the PDF format.

Those who read this blog may know I have an expensive, bulky and physically heavy collection of antique Universalist imprints.

Now you can have the best of both worlds. See the new Texts from page at my main Universalist site,, to save yourself the eBay trolling and moving expenses. Enjoy!

5 Replies to “Treasure-trove of Universalist texts at Google, listed”

  1. Scott, you missed one of the debate books – as well as some books by George Rogers.
    I hear that one of my most wanted books is being scanned too (Ive been asked not to tell which one)

  2. Dear Scott, Thank you for flagging up the availability of these texts. It is wonderful to be able to access them so readily. A pity that some of the great Unitarian Christian texts are not similarly available.

  3. A lot of Unitarian texts are out there; I just haven’t cataloged them. (To be fair, others out there have a better handle on Unitarian bibliography.)

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