"Vicar of Dibley" finale

PeaceBang has been writing about dieting and the depictions of women, fat and thin, in the media and has drawn quite a few comments.  (As an increasingly chunkifying man, I will be writing about my own thoughts about dieting later.)

About the same time, I learned that the much-loved Vicar of Dibley series, which started when I was in seminary, had its formal farewell on the BBC over Christmas and New Years, bring the story of the full-figured clergywoman, played by Dawn French, up to date.

I enjoy Dawn French, but think her better work is with Jennifer Saunders, and so if you beg off the VoD because it gets a bit too manic, I’ll understand. But I love it for the churchly humor, and because a large woman — who knows she’s large, enjoys her body, and even finds solace in fattening food without guilt — isn’t the object of apology.

The finale starts with Geraldine, the vicar, reminded that she has officiated over a hundred weddings in her time in the village, but that she has never been the bride. Being a light and rather loopy comedy, you don’t me to tell you where this ends up.

The episodes weren’t played — as far as I know — in the United States, and being merely mortal don’t have BBC America, so perhaps that’s where they went. But some good soul broke up the two hours into twelve installments on YouTube and you can watch them there.

I laughed myself sore in parts.

Installment one 

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  1. Thanks so much for this posting about the Vicar of Dibley. One of my favorite shows. On the BBC’s DVD set, there is an “extra” entitled “The Real Vicars of Dibley”. These pastors aren’t quite as outlandish as Dawn French, but then they don’t live in Dibley either. Once again, thanks for sharing.

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