"Ethical man" blog worth the read

I am not usually keen on blogs supported by media outlets, but the low volume Ethical Man blog, written by Justin Rowlatt published by the BBC Two’s Newsnight program is worth a read. He and his family (including his wife, The Ethical Woman, Bee Rowlatt) demonstrate a year without a car, a more environmentally-minded mode of living and a sustainable way of eating. Justin, a confirmed carnivore, even submitted to a month as a vegan. The newest entry concerns ethical investing and how shareholders (in this case, with an oil company) respond to perceived harms caused the businesses they marginally own, a theme which should sound familiar and topical to my Unitarian Universalist readers.

There is nothing here that I haven’t seen at length at other places, but that’s part of the appeal to this blog: it covers the larger enviro-ethical issues humanely and at a level that will neither overwhelm nor insult its readers. I recommend:

Ethical Man

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