Thanks for your concern and prayers

After my long, uncomfortable stint of No Work and Temp Work, I have a new Day Job. Just got the word tonight.

As before, I won’t blog about my Day Job except such anonymous incidentals as something I saw en route or an office product I think would be helpful in church administration.

But I wanted to thank my readers who were privately supportive over the last few months.

7 Replies to “Thanks for your concern and prayers”

  1. It is probably a MS Windows shop, like most places. At least we do not have stuff like Win 95/98 to put up with anymore.

    In heaven people have Apples.

    Best wishes with the new job.

  2. This is very good news. I’m sure you and your hubby are both very relieved right now! Congratulations, and I hope it leads to even more good things!

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