Good Friday fasting and pluralism

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to scale back my eating on xerophagic lines: bread, water, fruit and simply prepared vegetables.

So far so good. My staple has been raisin bagels — which remind me in composition of the hot cross bun, too — with a little almond butter. (Fat and protein to keep from spiking out on carbohydrate.) So I went to the bakery, a chain Hubby and I call “Awbuhpuh” and got some. I was thus thinking, in line:

  • This baked good is associated with Jews, but since this is Passover and they’re leaven, observant Jews won’t be having them. (Some people would have a problem with a raisin bagel, Passover or not.)
  • Their circular shape suggests eternity, a suitably religious concept.
  • Oh, and the guy who sold them. His name was Muhammad.

“Where cross the crowded ways of life” indeed!

3 Replies to “Good Friday fasting and pluralism”

  1. I refer to Awbuhpuh as “To the good pain,” which is how I once, at a decidedly non-sober moment, translated it.

  2. I want to offer support to all those fasting today, and ask for prayers for myself, as I continue my 36 hour fast.

    Happy Holy Week, Susan

  3. How a year changes things. My current diet doesn’t leave much room for Au Bon Pain, or bagels generally. And when I would have one, it would come from the Korean-run place near work.

    And I’m not fasting this year, or seen another way, my everyday diet looks like fasting to some.

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