Walking in the home of the brash, outrageous and free

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Londoners and visitors -- whether or not they go to Sloane Square -- can turn to a new site -- walkit.com -- for detailed point-to-point walking directions, calorie burnings and CO2 savings. Sometimes walking is faster and more convenient than public transit or even taxis.

The BBC has a 2006 story on it, too.

There's less of a need in Enlightenment-designed Washington, but it would be rather nice here, too.

As it happens, New Day Job is within walking distance of home, a pleasure Hubby already enjoys. But rats! New Day Job has a transit benefit -- up to a $110 a month tax-free. I'll be able to claim $20 tops. But this sounds like a place where you're a winner whether you walk or take Metro, and better than subsidizing gridlock with free or discounted parking. Perhaps some urban churches can offer the same for their staffs.

Hat tip: Treehugger

Oh, Moz fans -- miss those busy clippers? YouTube to the rescue. One of my favorites. And a B-side no less.

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  1. That’s a great idea…one of the most frustrating things about riding the bus is getting stuck in traffic and looking outside to see that you’re being passed by pedestrians.


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