Greening church administration, your office

Ms. Kitty (Ms. Kitty’s Salon and Road Show) and Mama G (Mom to the Left) have each spelled out green actions they or their church have or will make. I thought I would join in, thinking of particular was church offices — and perhaps your non-church workplace — can make green improvements. I have actually used some of these at Day Job.
An inexhausive list.

  1. Offer recycling bins first, then trash cans to staff. Praise those who recycle and thank them for their efforts.
  2. Install PDF creation software on all computers, to save, store and transmit files (particularly web pages) without printing them. PDFCreator is a good choice for Windows machines.
  3. Take reusable bags to work and use these to tote supplies from stores.
  4. Press for a pretax public transit fare program or subsidy, especially if your employer offers free parking.
  5. Arrange for leftover food from events to be shared with feeding programs, where available.
  6. Repurpose old computers as file servers, or “renovate” them by using a lighter Linux operating system, like Ubuntu (or Xubuntu for very old and weak computers.)
  7. Consider a paper-based personal calendar or planner in lieu of an electronic one. D*I*Y Planner is a good option, in three size formats.
  8. Host a cell-phone recycling event. (Cell phones can often have a second life in another country, or if inoperable, have toxic metals that can be recovered.)
  9. Make 100% postconsumer recycled paper your first choice for printing and copying.
  10. Ask all vendors if they have greener service options.

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  1. Scott, these are great suggestions. I’m going to copy your list and bring it to my board here on Whidbey, for as we move into our own (green) space later this year, we will want to have green practices in place. Thank you so much, too, for the reference. By the way, are you coming to GA? Sure hope to see you at the Bloggers’ Dinner.

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