Accomodating different needs in a meal

Ms. Theologian gives good advice for vegetarians and vegans who might not be well served at work-related meals.

Most church event planners are not pros and can get into a bind when trying to make a special church-related meal — say, a canvass dinner — incorporate a variety of diet needs, even common ones. Say vegetarians, but also those on diabetes care diets and those with lactose intolerance. Or perhaps you’re planning a wedding reception or have been tasked to put together an awards banquet. Or perhaps you’re the vegetarian and want to serve something different than Black Bean Extravaganza.

How can you keep all these needs in mind?

Now, don’t laugh, but there’s this site I like to visit called where travelers and flight crews photograph and describe their onboard meals. I don’t know why this appeals to me, but it does, and there’s a special meals category. I would be proud to serve some of them — especially from first class and on the better international carriers — to my friends and fellow church members. (And there are some fun ideas for those who brown bag regularly, too.)

Once you have an idea of the menu, I like the recipes at the BBC for creativity and contentiousness, if you’re cooking or have a special working relationship with who is.

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