Blogger workcamp? Harvesting resources for General Assembly

I’d like the Unitarian Universalist bloggers and blog readers to try a project in shared resource building by pointing out good resources for General Assembly (GA).

Last year, some of us tagged articles related to GA (Chris Walton at Philocrites wrote about it) but I’m not sure that was super-successful. This year — with some lead time — I suggest those of us who use to manage our links might try to do something similar. (And if you don’t, I would recommend getting an account.)

How about tagging sites that have something to do with General Assembly (or could be helpful in attending or staging it) mark pages uuaga, and those sites that have something to do with this particular GA or the Portland site mark pages uuaga 2007 uuaga2007. [But see my later comment, below.]

We could read the first here and the second here. (No links yet.)

Tons of discussion aren’t needed either. People will link, or won’t. We’ll see.

6 Replies to “Blogger workcamp? Harvesting resources for General Assembly”

  1. I’m thinking. Perhaps we should mark all of them uuaga and add a second tag 2007 to those pertaining to this year (the second group).

  2. If everything is tagged “uuaga,” it will become difficult after a while to see what belongs to this year’s business or location, though. I’m thinking of only proposing “uuaga2007”; if people want to apply multiple tags, including more general ones, they easily could.

  3. But you can link to a uuaga+2007 page like this. I think one basic batch of links from which a sort can be made is more likely to keep people from missing something important. A sidebar automatically pops up which allows further sifting, say uuaga+2007+food

    If there’s a unique tag for each GA, it seems useful, but really general, resources may be “lost.” But in the end, people will code it as they will, and will use it as they will.

  4. Ah! So when I post something, should I add “uuaga” and “2007,” or can I simply put “uuaga+2007” as the tag?

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