Without buying from China

Ms. Theologian at Surviving the Workday describes and defends her and husband’s “No China Diet” — which extends far past food and into every corner of commercial life. I think they’re right and don’t underestimate the difficulty such a discipline takes. A generation ago imports from the PRC were new, now they’re endemic.

Of course, the question of an abusive regime isn’t the only one of interest to ethical shoppers. Indeed, there are many and some conflict. And that’s before you even consider price, style, availability and convenience of purchase.

I’d like to talk about the minefield ethical shoppers have to face. To make that work, I’d like you to join in. Not only in the ethics behind decisions and how conflicting ethics claims can be negotiated — hard and fast rules will surely lead to frustration and abandonment — but practical tips for substituting less-ethical goods for more ethical choices and purchasing tips.

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