A minimalist kitchen

I don’t understand the fascination for the kind of gigantic designer kitchens promoted as the norm on home shows and in magazines. You don’t need that much to cook well, if you have desire and a willingness to learn. (Yes, this also takes time, but a big kitchen isn’t going to give you any more time; indeed, it may be a time sink maintaining it.)

The Gray Lady shows how one food writer could kit out a kitchen for $200, $300 with a few frills.

A No-Frills Kitchen Still Cooks” (New York Times, 2007 May 9)

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  1. My sister-in-law “R” is a medical missionary in India. She has often described to me the kitchens she sees in many Indian villages, where an experienced cook can create a lavish meal for 8 using only 1 skillet, 1 pot, and a single charcoal burner. AMAZING! But also a testament about how a good is more resourceful, than well equipped. In fact, I can think of some well equipped cooks that aren’t very good.

  2. Thanks for sharing that article, Scott. I laughed at it because I own the skillet shown in the picture and use it regularly. Actually, the one I own is identical but is a size up. I refer to it as “Big Bertha” and she comes out for big jobs like an omelet for two, etc.

    I do wish that I had a larger kitchen. Ours is so small that it is impossible for two people to work in it at the same time. Therefore, my spouse and I have to cook meals independently. The question is, “”Who will make supper?” rather than, “What shall we make for supper?” Until watching a couple trying to navigate cooking together in a tiny kitchen on one of those home shows I did not realize how the size of the kitchen did matter.

  3. :::making guilty kitchen consumer face:::

    But really, the kitchen has to be big enough so everyone can hang out in there while I cook!! Which is what always happens no matter how much I try to shoo everyone out into the living room with their drinks and appetizers!

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