OK, which affiliates weren't renewed?

StephenR asks in my post “Can blogs keep some affiliates in business”

I only know the name of one of them (which I got straight from their President’s mouth),
… I see they havent updated their website yet,,,,,
and they are still listed on the UUA website !!!

I’d like to know which affiliates were not approved, too. Indeed, I think this is matter of associational transparency and a major change in internal policy. We should be discussing it.

I just sent an email to Tamara Payne-Alex, the chair of the Association Working Group. Until I hear back, if you know one or two that hasn’t been approved, do say so in the comments.

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  1. The affiliate that I heard of that was not renewed was the New Massachusetts Universalist State Convention.
    The reason given is that it is an one issue organization.
    This shouldn’t affect the historic surviving Universalist State Conventions (NY, NC, Pa – does Ga still exist?), because they are not independent affiliates.
    However this does make one wonder about the Universalist Convocation, and even UUCF and CUUPS.

  2. I believe the Georgia Convention still exists; it’s just very quiet and has been for a long time. (It will be 170 years old next year.)

    But my thoughts exactly about the rest. Plus, re: the NMUC, I often wondered how single-state organizations were allowed to become affiliates in the first place.

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