Better than scrapping: giving computers to students

According to the Wise County Messenger, (“Students May Get Recycled Computers,” by Brian Knox, 13 May 2007) the Northwest Independent School District northwest of Fort Worth, Texas may give five-year-old computers scheduled for replacement to students without computers at home.

The hard drives will be wiped and a version of Linux will be installed on them. Given their age, I hope it will be light-on-resources Xubuntu or child-centered Edubuntu versions of Ubuntu Linux.  (If you’re a regular reader, this will be no surprise.)  But I would love to know their Linux distribution choice and logic.

Environmentally, reusing old machines is better than scrapping them. Educationally, giving students a resource they wouldn’t otherwise have it a bonus.

School Superintendent Karen Rue sums up the logic of the action

“These computers may not have market value, but they have kid value.”

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