Do you want to buy my books?

Hubby and I went to an open house today. We liked what we saw, but it confirmed that when we do buy property, we’ll end up with much less space than we have now. Very expensive to live in D.C., especially in the areas we like.

So we’re on perpetual possessions culls — makes not buying easier — and it’s time to start selling off books. Some duplicates. Mostly theological.

I’d rather avoid eBay as long as possible and would prefer to set a price and sell direct. We’ll see how that goes.

If you live in the U.S. — or rather, if you have a U.S. (including APO/FPO) delivery address — and would like to be informed when I have books for sale, contact me using the contact page. I’ll not use the email address for anything but the book sale and will not give it, sell it or otherwise transfer it. If you have a particular interest, note that too.


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  1. Money is tight right now before my new position begins, but I’d be interested to consider volumes on liberal religion, especially Universalism.

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