Joining networking sites

Whew —

I’ve now got a Friendster, Facebook, Confabb and Digg account. Wanna guess what my user name is?

I’ve already gotten and heavily use a and Google/Gmail account. I have gotten MySpace and Blogger account, which I really don’t use. I’ve had a Yahoo account and intend to use Flickr.

I don’t intend to use these services equally, but persons younger than I use them extensively so better to know how to make best use, right?

If you have experience with these or other social networking services or site, and think they might be useful please say so in the comments.

5 Replies to “Joining networking sites”

  1. I confess to having accounts at Facebook, MySpace,, Google, Blogger, Frappr, and Flickr. (I also set up accounts for testing purposes at Gather and Vox.) Of these, I use Flickr, Google/Gmail, and a lot. MySpace and Frappr are essentially just blog promotion tools; I’m largely using Facebook to promote UU World.

  2. Chris/Philocrites: I know others who agree with you on Facebook’s promotional potiential.

    CC: Look at your Facebook inbox.

    C/P: You too.

  3. Much to my surprise, I have a facebook account – which i must have created back in Feb or so – when I joined an UU Bloggers group…. most of the folks reading this: please feel free to be my friend.
    I accidentally got rid of all of my friends on myspace (i was trying to get rid of the friends who were begging for money)

    Obviously im not the target age group for these things……..

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