2 Replies to “Liberty Universalist Church, Feasterville, S.C.”

  1. I’m lucky that the spouse and I have actually been inside the Church – and one of these days, I will post the pictures to prove it. The building is nicely kept up by the family (the Feaster, Coleman, Mobley Association, if I recall right).

    I recall being startled the first time I saw the sign – there’s an UU church way out here in the middle of the National Forest? But of course, it had never affiliated (not sure if it was dormant by then, as there were some services in the late 50s). I suspect that if it had affiliated, then the building would no longer be there…..

    the sign is at the of the front of the dirt Coleman Road. You can see a dwelling from the highway, and what you cant see is the church behind the dwelling. There is a big “No Trespassing” sign at the edge of the clearing before the church. I have not been to the academy. If someone gets permission to visit either or both, let me know!

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