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  1. I used Skype a lot during my time in Transyvlania. It worked for me but often my connectivity was poor enough that I was stuck with text chat anyway.

    For open source standards compliant goodness I am a big fan of Gnomemeeting (http://www.gnomemeeting.org). It may already be included in your Ubuntu distro. They have a package for Dapper Drake at the site.

  2. Yep, the past year as a telecommuter I have used Skype pretty much every day. I have used it for conference calls, chat, etc. Previously at work we had used voice that came with Microsoft’s MSN and Skype has been a lot better quality. The conference calls were even international (UK/US). As long as the system and connection were fine the quality of the call was good.

  3. I downloaded the Windows beta to check it out. I’d used it on Mandrake before. Had trouble getting a camera to work with it in the past but I was mostly looking at it for schools to use commodity webcams/mics to do H.323 compliant videoconferencing.


  4. I’m a HUGE Skype fan. I use it almost exclusively now – The features are great, the sound quality is very good, and the connectivity is reliable. As John mentioned too I’m now using it to create an archive. We’ve also used it for things like evening prayer, and educational projects. It’s loads of fun.

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