And twenty years on

I got word that my high school graduating class has its own website.

Understand, I left that school in 1987 and don’t intend to return for this or any reunion. (Judging by the “lost” list, I’m not alone.) Even so, I was sad to see that eleven of my class of 516 had already died.

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  1. High school was such a weird time for most reasonably sophisticated people. I did go to my ten-year, only to find that everyone else was cooler than they used to be much as I was.

  2. Hello, fellow class of ’87er. I was just looking at my invitation and deciding whether to go. I have wound up living close to where I grew up (thus teaching me the lesson “never say never because you’ll wind up doing exactly that”), so it’s not like I’d have to travel.

    siiigh. I think I’m going to go. Some of these people, I knew since kindergarten.


  3. At my ten year reunion, I realized that the reason I did not recognize so many people was that there had been a lot of plastic surgery….The experience left me unsettled for weeks afterward with nightmares of Barbie-esque women in little black dresses. I’m not going to the twenty year one. I simply can’t, won’t, shouldn’t. All of that.

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