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I got an email asking for image positioning help in Blogger. As my readers know, I prefer WordPress to Blogger, but I know Blogger does what most people need and is also a great introduction to the medium. So some help is in order.

The questioner added images, but they just stringed up in the left hand column, with the last added at the top. She wants them scattered in a post, presumably relative to the text.

I reactivated my Blogger account — which I use to experiment; there’s no real content there — and you can follow along by looking at this trial entry.

The solution is straight forward. To add any image, click the image button in the Compose window of the editor. In this partial screen shot, the tag “Add Image” is just below this button. Then a popup box lets you:

Blogger interface 1

  1. choose where you want to grab your image from: on your computer or somewhere on the Internet, and
  2. this is important: choose the layout.

Imagine how you want the image positioned: hugging the left margin, the right margin or in the middle. The choose the size of your image and upload the image.

In the editing window, you can then click within the added image and pull it to the place in your text where you want it. Release the mouse button and save. That’s all.

Blogger interface 2
I did not see how you can change the alignment of the image (from left to right or to center, or vice verse) any easier than deleting it and starting over.

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