Podcast: Mount Auburn Cemetery and UUWorld tie-in

28 May. Since UUWorld.org is re-promoting its Mt. Auburn Cemetery story, I thought I’d reprise my tie-in blog post. Does anyone have an online photo of the Ballou or Murray gravesites?

Yesterday morning, I finally got to read the current issue of the UUWorld while waiting for a train to work and lingered over the Mount Auburn Cemetery article.

As it happens, I had an MP3 from WGBH (Boston) about the interplay of nineteenth-century Boston sculptors and their patrons, which had many ties to the Boston Athenaeum’s collections and the cemetery. It’s hard not to imagine Boston Unitarian/Brahmin culture between the lines of this speech and the appeal of the civic virtue inspired and supported by fine art. The Hosea Ballou sculpture gets a mention, too.

I wish we could see his slides, but you can’t podcast that (in this form, yet) and it seems to have hit its bandwidth limit watching the streaming video version from home.

WGBH’s podcasts and streaming media make for interesting viewing and listening, but I have a somewhat less pleasant review about another podcast soon.

Originally published 24 March 2007.

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  1. I think I’m going to do more of this weekend/holiday “best of” blogging. I write a lot and I think people miss some articles. That’s what you get when you pay attention to the Google Analytics.

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