Rivalry and the fate of the Affiliates

I think “LT” at thelivelytradition is working in the right direction in his series on UUA independent affiliate situation. A lot of email is being spilled on this subject.

Start reading here and keep going until its done. I’ll pick up the theme myself later.

Lunch is over; back to work.

2 Replies to “Rivalry and the fate of the Affiliates”

  1. So clearly there is a lot of subtext here that I’m not getting and assume you’ll explain later. It looks like someone (someones?) changed his mind about what it means to be an affiliate, but didn’t communicate that (and still isn’t) except by unaffiliating a lot of different groups.

  2. Well the rumor mill is full – and note that it’s “one issue organizations” that are getting the deep6.
    Since my knowledge is 3rd or 4th hand (if that close), I shouldnt say what I heard….so in this case I wont.

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