15 Replies to “Attack of the Giant Fonts?”

  1. On WindowsXP, Explorer – The font looks waaaay big, also, nothing shows but the type (no graphics, etc.). The posts also look like they are centered, rather than left-justified. Is that the look you intended?

  2. @Earthbound Spirit.

    No, that’s not the plan; thanks for the reply. OK, this template is broken somehow. IE is a bear to write for. A shame since it really looks good when it works (on every other browser!) and apparently is the new darling of the WordPress world. I’ll have to make my own.

  3. For once I’m not sure it was IE. I had the same problem viewing it as Earthbound Spirit using Firefox and Linux.

  4. It looks fine now. I have IE on this computer and FireFox on the other. I think it was IE I was using yesterday when it was all huge and non-graphic. It looks nice, by the way!

  5. I think it is extremely handsome and beayootiful.
    Also, your phone message today was Sondheim at its VERY FINEST. I howled.

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