Hammer and tongs

There’s an unfortunate lesson here.

For years I’ve been writing on practical matters associated with religion and I get a steady readership. Nothing stellar, but steady. I chose this tack because years and years ago, I developed something of a reputation of getting in people’s faces and getting red-faced. I figured I could make more of an impact if I gave to the common good.

So, not entirely in character, I’ve lately been writing about controversial subjects and . . . .

Yesterday was my best day for attracting readers since I’ve added Google Analytics. Today promises to beat that. I still haven’t gotten to the UUA website problems or the terrible mistake the UUA Board has made with regard to independent affiliates.

There’s an unfortunate lesson here.

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  1. As you know, Scott, I have been a long-time fan. I enjoy your posts both controversial and non-!

    I can also sympathize. Back at Unity I noticed the same phenomenon. I found it depressing. Now I don’t have a counter which–of course–makes me doubt that there is any readership at all!

    Keep up the good work!

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